Clarendelle & Domaine Clarence Dillon estate wines attend the 95th Oscars®

Clarendelle and family company, Domaine Clarence Dillon,

are truly honoured to toast the 95th Oscars® and Nominees.


Clarendelle and Domaine Clarence Dillon are proud to be the

official 2023 wine partners of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Clarendelle & Domaine Clarence Dillon at the Oscars®

The Chairman & CEO, Prince Robert of Luxembourg, is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Oscars®. From the March 12th awards ceremony at the Dolby® Theatre in Hollywood to the Governors Ball and extending to all other Oscar®-related events, Clarendelle, Quintus and Haut-Brion will be the exclusive red and white wines poured. They are also named the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ official wine partners in 2023.

Clarendelle celebrates the French “Art de Vivre”

Like the Academy Awards®, also steeped in a nearly century-long tradition, Clarendelle offers a resolutely contemporary expression of our times and the celebrated French “Art de Vivre”. This every day luxury benefits from the expertise of the Haut-Brion winemakers, who oversee the blending process, vintage after vintage, as they do for the notorious La Mission Haut-Brion and Quintus estates. The bottles are then cellared before being released to the market when they are judged to have reached their apogee and can offer the finest expression of their Bordeaux terroirs to wine lovers around the globe.

Château Quintus takes the stage

Also featured at the Oscars® will be Le Dragon de Quintus, a veritable rising star of the Bordeaux Right Bank, hailing from the relatively newly minted Saint Emilion estate.

La Clarté de Haut-Brion steps into the spotlight

Backstage, a few lucky nominees and winners will also be able to relish one of the rarest white wines produced in Bordeaux, which is born from the Château La Mission Haut-Brion and Château Haut-Brion properties: La Clarté de Haut-Brion.

A long-standing tradition of patronage

Prince Robert of Luxembourg is pleased to celebrate nearly a century of cinematic art, having begun his professional life as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, before joining the family business. Since its creation, Domaine Clarence Dillon has been involved, in France and internationally, in patronage activities and philanthropic donations that promote the cultural influence of French heritage and the arts.

Clarendelle and Domaine Clarence Dillon would like to raise our glasses to celebrate

those who have contributed so significantly to entertaining and inspiring us all over the past year.

May we join the millions of viewers from all around the world as we together recognise

the outstanding achievements of the 95th Oscar® nominees. Cheers!


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